Cabos? Baha California? Would you like to go?

By M.Swint


The Arch

Listening to The Eagles song  Hotel California, many times, I never associated the song with Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico until I took a trip there.  The Hotel California is not located in the State of California, rather it is located in what is called Baha California,  Los Cabos, waaay pass Tijuana Mexico.

The Hotel California is actually in a small town called Todos Santos right outside of Los Cabos, to be exact it is a 58 minute drive North of Cabos. If you get a good tour guide, they will tell you the story of how the Hotel California came about, very interesting story, also you have to really listen to the Eagles song Hotel California,  it kinda explains the story. Those who are interested in this tour can book a day tour, the average day tours are about 6 hours,  a few stops along the way, lunch is included, try this tour company:

The Hotel California - Todos Santos, Mexico

Site seeing on the way to Todos Santos

Enough of the history lesson, let’s get to the good stuff.  Cabos San Lucas is filled with beautiful deserty landscape and the beaches are beautiful tan sand. Where ever you choose to eat, the Mexican style food is delicious and the people are welcoming. The biggest landmark and attraction to Cabos is The famous Arch. (Shown in the photo above) we had the opportunity to get a close up picture as we were transferred by water taxi which cost about $10 to $12 taking you to the Arch and or Lovers Beach/ Lands End

Cabos in my opinion is broke up into 3 different areas, uptown near the airport which includes many resorts and restaurants and shops, then there’s the midtown area with resorts and condos off the Ocean close to none other than Walmart, if you like Walmart, this Walmart have items that you wont see in your local Walmart store, trust me.

Walmart at it’s finest

Last but not least, the downtown area, again, filled with many shops and restaurants as well as clubs and so on, speaking of clubs, one of the most talked about clubs in Cabos is Cabo Wabo. 

What’s there to do in Cabos ?

One of the highlights of our Cabos trip was participating in the Amazing Race, ok, not the real Amazing Race, we participated in the Cabos Amazing Race, lots of fun.


The Amazing Cabo Race

Excursions in Cabos

When you arrive in Cabos there is a variety of things to do:

  • The Cabos Amazing Race
  • Outback Camel tour  Highly recommended
  • Day trip to Todos Santos
  • Lovers beach/ Arch tour
  • Sunset Yacht dinner tours
  • Ziplining
  • Snorkeling

Another tour we really enjoyed was the Outback Camel tour. Highly recommended for families, great photo opportunities, friendly tour guides and lunch is included.

The Outback Camel Tour- Mexican lunch included


Lovers Beach

Where will you stay?

Of course Cabos have many many Hotels/Resorts etc, most of which are All Inclusive. When choosing a  your Resort it would depend on your budget, there are many ranges of resort cost. When booking your resort always check for its location, why? For example in Cabos if you want a resort that has a swimmable beach, you should find out in advance, because some areas of the beach in Cabos is to dangerous to swim, resulting in some drownings, check with the resort before booking.

What are some good websites to book your resort for Cabos?   Well first and foremost, go the website of the the resort that you are interested in, see if they have any deals, if not, for starters try some of these websites


Always compare your rates with other websites, you will be surprised at the price differences. One website in particular, tripadvisor, I like to call this website the guru of travel

Calling the resort that you are interested in could land you a good deal as well.

Where did I stay? 🤔

It was a hard decision, but the resort that I chose was The Riu Santa Fe. I give it almost 4 stars,  Located on the ocean with its beautiful landscape. The Resort buildings is well kept, This is an All Inclusive resort.

The Riu is located across from The famous Arch



I arranged for a Luxury vehicle to pick me and my family up at the Airport, booking through vacation express the resort and transportation, it was not that expensive, being one who travels on a budget 🙂

Getting around Cabos. Taking the city bus downtown and uptown is a good way to get around, very inexpensive about $2.00 per person , these buses are very unique, all being old converted school buses painted with crazy designs on them. Riding these buses gives you a glimpse into the fine people of Los Cabos, which is one of the major reasons I love to travel, inter-mingling with other Cultures and Customs.

Local Bus

Of course they have Taxis, which cost about $12 to go downtown from the resort. As an option you can take a water taxi from your resort to the downtown area as well.

When I go back to Cabos I’m going to try something new, maybe a different resort, probably do different excursions, because there is so much to see and explore in Cabos. This is a destination where you can’t go wrong, if you have not been to Cabos- try it, you will love it, try something new!

Please Share your ideas and comments with me. Thank you


Meet The Author 

Welcome to Swint Travel Blog! My name is Mark A Swint and I enjoy Traveling or you can say that I have the travel bug. The purpose of this website is to share travel ideas and travel tips that will invite inexperienced travelers as well as those who are well traveled get away and try something new. My family and I have traveled to many places around the United States as well as the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe. My goal is to get viewers and bloggers excited about going to see places you have never been. (Switching Careers) Living in beautiful Michigan all my life, I currently work in the Auto Industry, however it is my goal to switch to the hospitality/travel industry in the near future. There are so many places on my bucket list for travel, please feel free to share your travel experience with me so that we can have an exchange of ideas.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that the pictures and the travel tips get you motivated to try some place new!

Happy Travels!



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