Come with me to the Resort Capital of the Caribbean…….Cancun!

By M.Swint

Tulum Ruins
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

On my recent journey to Cancun, Mexico I thought about the previous two times I visited Cancun and I said to myself why am I here again for a third time? 🤔 Well….. it didn’t take me long to come up with a few good reasons……

  • 1. Great weather
  • 2. Beautiful white sand beaches
  • 3. All Inclusive resorts
  • 4. Great food
  • 5. Great Service
  • 6. The warm Mexican hospitality

For all of these reasons, Cancun will make you want to come back again and again!

In fact, Cancun has it all, whomever you are bringing along, family, friends or coming as a couple, you will find that Cancun has something for everyone.

At one time Cancun was a place where many many spring breakers came for break, and don’t get me wrong, many of them still come to Cancun for spring break, however Cancun is a place not only for spring breakers, but its a city designed for young and old with a variety of activities, tours, shows, restaurants, beaches, and a host of resorts!

If you are planning a trip to Cancun, the very first thing you want to keep in mind is choosing a resort and a location. I have given Cancun the title: The Resort Capital because of it’s variety of places to choose from. If it is your first time going to Cancun, searching for a resort could be a difficult task, why? because in Cancun you will find many, many resorts to choose from with variations in cost. Most of the resorts in Cancun are All Inclusive, but, some are not.

The Royal Sands Resort

My Recommendation when searching for a resort

Depending on your pleasure, everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to hotels and resorts, if you are a seasoned traveler then you must know there is a difference in a hotel and a resort, and as far as motels, lets just say don’t insult me 😒 The majority of Cancun is full of Resorts. A good resort is a (hotel times 5) for example, most hotels may have one pool, where as a good resort will have several pools, perhaps even separating the adult pool (with a swim up bar) from the kids pool. When visiting Cancun I highly recommend my readers to choose the all Inclusive option, here is why? In a All Inclusive resort, all of your food is included and if you are one that takes a sip or two, meaning the consumption of alcoholic beverages, 😳 drinks are included as well, but there is more, at a good all Inclusive resort there are specialty restaurants that are also included, but if you book a really really good resort it will include All Inclusive clubs, off site restaurants, activities and shows and some water sports. If you do not choose the all Inclusive option, then Cancun can become very expensive.🤑

Here are a few recommended resorts for first time visitors to Cancun:

1. The Royal Resorts

The Royal Sands Resorts

2. The Omni Resorts Cancun

The Omni Cancun

3. The Melia Resorts (ME)

ME Melia Resorts

4. The Riu Cancun

The Riu Cancun

All of these resorts offer all Inclusive options, they are cost efficient and are located on the Cancun strip. 

The Hilton Cancun has been changed to the Cancun Iberostar

The Cancun Strip – AKA Kulkulkan Blvd – The Cancun hotel zone.

When planning to go to Cancun, the best location for your prospective resort would be located on the Cancun strip, as known as The Cancun hotel zone, (street) Kukulkan Blvd consisting of many resorts, restaurants, shops and clubs.

If you are a shopper, don’t worry, 😩 there is a shopping mall right there on Kukulkan Blvd.

My son and I at the Cancun Mall La Isla Sopping Village

On the strip you will also find the best bus service you will ever encounter, in fact it is not necessary to rent a vehicle unless you are planning on going to the outskirts of Cancun.

When riding the bus in Cancun, be prepared to interact with the locals, also on many buses you will also be entertained by musicians and so forth. The bus drivers will go out of there way to pick up tourists, so no worries 😉

Taking a bus ride downtown to Walmart can be adventurous. 

Once you have secured your choice of resort, what’s next?

Airfare… On many third party websites, they will try to get you to book a package deal, (Air & Resort) together, and sometimes it’s to your advantage in cost savings, but do not be so quick to book, be patient! I know some just want to book everything and get it out of the way 😩🤑 however, I have been more successful booking my resorts first and then shopping my airfare, why? Well, In the travel industry, airfare and resorts are like the stock market, the price goes up and down, day by day, but just when you anxiously book and later find out that you could have saved $500.00, this can make you furious 😡 😂, so again, be patient when booking.

The going rate for a round trip flight to Cancun varies depending on where you are flying out of, for example if you are flying out of Metro Detroit (DTW) your looking at $150.00 to $275.00 round trip, me personally, I wouldn’t pay no more than $275.00 unless it’s on Delta airlines, which is an airline who keeps there airplanes up to date.  Delta The cost also depending on when you are planning to go to Cancun and peak seasons like spring break. Another factor to consider is The airline brand, some are more expensive than others, like Delta vs Spirit.

Using an airfare scanner app can be useful in searching for a rate you are comfortable with. Check out the following app: Skyscanner  when it comes to finding a flight, I pretty much live by this app.

Now you are in Cancun, just breathe!

Vacationing with some of our good friends at The Royal Sands


Once you are settled into your well landscaped resort and unpacked in your clean room, just Relax, take it easy, but if you are excited like most, you should take a tour of your resort. Find out where you want to eat, what time are the shows, when do the clubs open, or just relax by the pools, go check out the beach, make yourself at home and enjoy the warm Mexican hospitality!

The Swint’s and The Aiken’s

Karaoke time, my buddy Donny pretty much lost, 🤣😩🎤👎🏾 “never too much”

Activities in Cancun

Meanwhile, after a few days of hanging around the resort, it’s time to explore Cancun. Schedule some activities! It will be best to try to schedule some activities before coming to Cancun, that way you will have a nice Itinerary and you won’t waist any time trying to figure out what to do. Take a tour, take a boat ride on a Catamaran to Isla Mujeres or take a bus ride down to the mall or Walmart.

Engaging in Activities or Excursions as us bloggers like to call them, will make your trip memorable, the pictures that you will capture will be priceless! Here are a few suggested excursions:

If you want adventure try The Rio Secreto
Cancun horseback in 2011
  • Rio Secreto – swimming in a underground cave – Mexican lunch included
  • Speed boat tour & snorkeling
  • Tulum/Cenotes tour – Mexican lunch included
  • Day tour in Cozumel/ featuring a jeep tour/ Mexican lunch included
  • Horse back tour on the beach – Mexican lunch included
  • Catamaran Boat to Isla Mujeres / BBQ lunch on the island all drinks Included

When booking your Excursion or Activities, check out these two websites.

Cancun Discount

My Cancun Tours

Speed boat tour/ Snokeling / horse back riding when the kids were younger

Tulum & Cenotes Tour

Taking my Catamaran from Cancun to Isla Mujeres

Restaurants & Club Recommendations:

Though you may have an all inclusive package at your resort including meals and entertainment with access to clubs, It will also be a good idea to get out on the Cancun strip and go to the restaurants, check out a few of the entertaining clubs, this will also enhance your Cancun experience. Note the following recommendations:


Captain Coves – is a very nice restaurant located on the strip – included in the Royal Resorts All Inclusive package. Note: if you book any Royal Resort in Cancun, and you are all inclusive, then you are aloud to eat and drink at any of the 4 resort they have in Cancun.

Captains Coves

Casa Tequila

Casa Tequila



The La Habichuela Sunset

La Habichuela Sunset

El Conquistador at The Royal Resorts

Captain’s Cove keylime pie, the best!


Coco Bongos – The number one club in Cancun, hands down! Highly recommended, when booking this club try to get the All Inclusive package combo with Carlos and Charlie’s – drinks and food included.

Coco Bongos

Carlos’n Charlie’s –Carlos’n Charlie’s

Fat Tuesday’s –Fat Tuesday Cancun

Senor Frogs –Senor Frogs

The Cancun Squad 2017 All white Party (private invitation) Thanks for coming: Donny/Thursha Kevin/Rasheeda and my beautiful wife Thalia!


Special Thanks to The Barthwell’s for being a part of this special Vacation!

The Finale of the Cancun Vacation and a special night!

Coco Bongos White Party featuring Katrina Borthwell and her crew!

Cancun Safety

As a blogger and a freelance travel writer, I always advise travelers to register with the state department or register with your government if you are leaving your home country to visit another country such as Mexico. State Department USA

Your government will issue travel warnings and incidents that has taken place in foreign countries.

Though I have never had a incident in Cancun concerning my safety or the safety of my family and friends who have accompanied me to Mexico, crime and theft exist there quite often, so I caution everyone to stay in the tourist areas and be careful with going off the beating path and always travel with one or more with you. Most resorts have room safes, make sure you secure your valuables and passports in the safe. If your room does not have a safe, the front desk in the main lobby should have one behind the lobby desk for you. The local people of Cancun Mexico are so hospitable and generous, I refuse to let a few bad apples spoil the bunch!

My Final Thoughts :

Thank you for coming along with me on my recent journey to the resort Capital, Cancun. What-ever is your pleasure, you can’t go wrong in this vacationers paradise. I will like to thank all my family and friends pictured in this article, thank you for coming along with me. I highly recommend Cancun Mexico to all, this area of Mexico is a perfect getaway, it can be inexpensive or the sky is the limit in cost, but rest assure, you will get that quality vacation experience in Cancun. You can go all year round and experience 85 to 90 degree weather, but be cautious of recent disturbing weather such as hurricane seasons, I never get travel insurance, but since I love places like the Caribbean and Mexico so much, I think now it will be wise to get travel insurance. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Please feel free to share some of your Cancun experiences with me, just write them in my comment box. Thanks for reading!


Picture taken in Barbados North Point

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